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Who we are

The history of the creation of the Lopi Group

family_business.jpgLopi is a Polish family business. We have been supporting business owners for 25 years by designing and creating comprehensive technological solutions in the field of reactive power compensation, automation and electronics.

Striving to meet the technological needs of our customers as best as possible, we started the production of our own devices. We designed and manufactured our own LRM001 reactive power regulator. Further product development work led to the creation of an entire product line in the area of reactive power compensation.

We deployed high-class devices which operate in cogeneration networks. We designed and manufactured a dynamic compensator with a higher harmonics filtering function.

We provide energy efficiency for businesses through the comprehensive implementation of reactive power compensation systems. We offer specialized consulting, selection and installation of devices tailored to the requirements of a given facility.

The strong development of our company has become the direct reason for the separation of three highly specialized entities from Lopi, i.e. Lopi Sp.j., Lopi Automatyka Sp. z o.o. and Lopi Elektronika Sp. z o.o, which make up the Lopi Group.

LOPI Anuszkiewicz i Trzecińscy Sp.J.


Reactive power compensation

We ensure energy efficiency of enterprises through comprehensive implementation of reactive power compensation systems. We offer specialist consultancy, selection and assembly of devices adjusted to the requirements of a given facility.

Moreover, we are a manufacturer of our own devices for reactive power compensation, i.e. reactive power regulators, thyristor switches, active filters and modems for remote communication.

LOPI Automatyka Sp. z o.o.


Industrial automation

We design industrial automation systems, build machines and devices, as well as prefabricate and assemble low-voltage switching stations.

The range of our services also includes the assembly of cable harnesses. We provide services throughout the country, ensuring maintenance of equipment and technical support for industrial plants.

LOPI Elektronika Sp. z o.o.



We design and implement innovative technological solutions. Among others, we are currently working on an advanced system of intelligent street lighting.


1986 - 1995
First experiences
Our first experiences in running electrical companies.
September 1995
Establishment of PPHU Lopi Andrzej Anuszkiewicz
Establishment of PPHU Lopi Andrzej Anuszkiewicz, gave birth to brand Lopi.  At the beginning activity of the company included only areas and issues of electrical installation works, electrical metering, and performing audits connected with energy consumption and optimization, but with every year activity of the company expanded into new areas. We developed the reactive power compensation department by prefabricating our first capacitor banks.
Creation of automation department
Lopi expansion with the automation department. First projects and participation in the co-creation and construction of machines for global markets.
Launch of hybrid banks on the market
We started the prefabrication of hybrid banks, which solved the problem of the changing nature of the load on the network caused, among other things, by the seasonal operation of some of our customers' equipment.
First independent foreign contracts of the automation department
Our automation department has strengthened its position with each project, and has therefore successfully entered global markets with its solutions.
Lopi's new premises
After few previous moves and searching for a suitable place for our company we moved to a new location in Legionowo, 3 Dluga street, which is our headquarters till present time.
First Lopi products
Our first LRM001 reactive power regulator appeared on sale, which started the still developing and expanding LRM series of products.
2015 - 2016
Awards for the LRM001regulator 
The LRM001 reactive power regulator has gained recognition on the Polish and foreign markets. It received awards at fairs in Krakow and Paris.
Launch of asymmetrical banks on the market
Thanks to the use of our LRM001/33-6 and LRM001/33-12 regulators, we have found the perfect solution for asymmetric networks with reactive energy.
September 2017
New LRM002 reactive power regulator
We have provided our customers with a cost-effective, simple and efficient solution for small reactive power compensation systems - the new LRM002 rail-mounted reactive power regulator.
November 2018
New product line for remote communication
A new branch of our products for remote communication with LRM reactive power regulators has been created. The LRMCtrl communication modem enables continuous supervision over the correct operation of the reactive power compensation system.
Ferbuary 2019
Lopi Elektronika Sp. z o.o.
Spin-off of the first company of the Lopi Group focused on designing and manufacturing electronic solutions.
March 2019
Lopi Anuszkiewicz i Trzecińscy Sp.J.
Transformation of PPHU Lopi Andrzej Anuszkiewicz into Lopi Anuszkiewicz i Trzecińscy Sp.J. Our main activity is currently reactive power compensation.
May 2019
Lopi Automatyka Sp. z o.o.
Spin-off of the third company of the Lopi Group focused on designing and implementing solutions in the field of industrial automation and distribution.
August 2019
New series of Lopi products - LH switches
We started the production and sale of our LH thyristor switches for switching capacitors. Thanks to them, capacitor banks can react quickly to demanding network conditions.
January 2020
Launch of the LRMnet portal
Launch of the new version of the portal showing the parameters transmitted by the LRMCtrl communication modem.
May 2020
New version of the LRMCtrl communication modem
LRMCtrl communication modem in the latest version has gained not only a new, more attractive appearance, but also new functions such as power guard.
July 2020
Active compensation
Presentation of the latest Lopi Group products, i.e. LKD dynamic compensators, a new dimension in reactive power compensation.
September 2020
Even more possibilities of the LRM product series
Our LRM series devices are gaining popularity as they can cooperate with larger, more advanced compensation systems thanks to the LRM4IO expansion module.


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