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Polish products for reactive power compensation

We are Polish Manufacturer of devices for reactive power compensation. Our products are made mainly on the basis of Polish components. We care about their quality, efficiency and easy availability of parts for service.

Lopi products undergo a series of tests and experiments necessary to obtain specialist certificates. We make every effort to ensure that our products present world quality standards. We manufacture and assemble our devices choosing the best components available on the market.

We offer devices designed for both reactive inductive and capacitive power compensation in LV networks.


LH thyristor switches

Thyristor switches are used in capacitor banks and hybrid banks to switch power capacitors. Thanks to the use of thyristor switches, the life of the capacitors is significantly extended. Moreover, thyristor switches ensure dynamic compensation and stable operation of the compensation system.

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LRM reactive power regulators

The main task of LRM reactive power regulators is to control capacitor and choke stages in banks for the compensation of reactive inductive and capacitive power in LV networks.

LRM001 regulators enable simultaneous control of cabinet ventilation, idle compensation, display of cosφ and Power Factor values and their remote reading.

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LRMCtrl communication modem and remote communication

The LRMCtrl communication modem transmits the power parameters measured by the LRM001 reactive power regulator, thus making it possible to supervise the correct operation of the reactive power compensation system.

Active use of this device minimises the risk of increased reactive energy charges.

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LKD dynamic compensators

The family of dynamic compensators intended for reactive inductive and capacitive power compensation with an additional function of distortion power compensation. The presented solution gives a possibility of even greater reduction of reactive energy charges in comparison with static solutions. Compensators have found a wide range of applications, e.g. replacing traditional banks of capacitor-chokes and raising the quality standard of compensation by filtering higher harmonics. Thanks to the use of dynamic compensator we will obtain the improvement of power quality, active compensation of reactive power, load balancing and extension of operating time of devices connected to the network.

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Accessories - LRM4IO expansion module

The 4IO expansion module is an additional element extending reactive power compensation systems by increasing their functionality and capabilities.

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BKL capacitor banks

BKL capacitor banks

Capacitor banks are used to compensate reactive inductive power in LV networks.

Depending on whether there are higher harmonics in the network, capacitor banks with or without protective chokes called filtering chokes are used.

Our banks are mainly made indoors, but on request we also make devices for outdoor use.

BDKL compensation choke banks

BDKL compensation choke banks

Compensation choke banks are designed for capacitive reactive power compensation in LV networks and MV cables.

They are usually used in facilities with a large number of LED light sources, with extensive cable network, and in server rooms where UPS power supplies are often present.

Our banks are mainly made indoors, but on request we also make devices for outdoor use.

BHL hybrid banks

BHL hybrid banks

BHL hybrid banks are a combination of a bank of capacitors and a bank of compensation chokes and are designed for the compensation of reactive inductive and capacitive power in LV networks.

They are used in facilities where the nature of load changes due to different types of receivers, e.g. in office buildings, where during hot weather the operation of air-conditioning units causes tgφ exceedance, and in cooler months when there is no inductive load.

Our banks are mainly made indoors, but on request we also make devices for outdoor use.


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