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Reactive power compensation

Electricity costs are among the most burdensome and significant costs charged from medium sized and large enterprises.
Yet, a reasonable entrepreneur ought to find a way to minimise the costs without reducing the efficiency of their operations or actually increasing it thanks to significant savings on electricity charges.
One of useful methods to achieve such savings is reactive power compensation.
Our customers are provided with the following services:

What is reactive power?

Reactive power is the part of electricity which pulses between the source of energy and the receiver and is not transformed directly into usable work or heat as it happens in the case of active power.

In addition to active power P=U∙I∙ cosφ, electrical equipment other than resistance based equipment (cosφ≠1) requires reactive power Q=U∙I∙sinφ to operate properly. Energy is taken from the source and, during part of the alternating flow, it is stored by the receiver as electric field or magnetic field energy and returned to the source during another part of the period, when the electric or magnetic field in the receiver disappears. The unit of reactive power (Q) is a var.

The geometric sum of active and reactive power S=√(P²+Q²) constitutes apparent power S=U∙I, whose creation and transmission must be fulfilled by the power supply grid.

Reactive power:

  • reduces the throughput of transmission lines and transformers
  • increases transmission losses and causes additional voltage drops

Electricity suppliers shift the costs related to generation and transmission of reactive power onto recipients and charge them based on tgφ transgressions.

Transmission (so-called pulsing) of reactive power into the power supply grid may be reduced effectively by using compensation systems: automatic condenser batteries– for induction reactive power automatic compensation choke batteries– for capacitive reactive power.

If compensation systems are used, reactive power pulsing occurs within the circuit between the compensation system itself and the receiver, and it does not result in further burdening of the power supply grid in the direction of the source. Therefore, the possibility of “local” generation of reactive power makes it an additional burden in terms of transmission, which ought to be eliminated. The measure of energy consumption is the cosφ= P/S coefficient, used interchangeably with tgφ= Q/P.

How to reduce costs connected with reactive power?

Detailed review of an electricity bill provides a very good insight into whether or not the given entity suffers significant losses on reactive power and of related costs. If the charges are high, it is advisable to get in touch with a reactive power compensation advisor and select an appropriate device for the given enterprise.

Properly selected condenser battery parameters are of key importance for launching the process allowing savings and increasing the operating efficiency of the company’s electrical equipment.

Does installation of a reactive power compensation system pay off?

Depending on overall electricity consumption of the entity and its losses on reactive power so far, investment costs may be returned as soon as within 3 months, but sometimes the process extends to 24 months. Yet, looking from a long-term perspective onto business development and environmental benefits, this is certainly a good and beneficial investment.

Benefits connected with installation of properly selected reactive power compensation systems:

  • possibility to reduce or eliminate unnecessary reactive power charges
  • return of the costs of investment usually within 3-24 months
  • in certain cases, possibility to reduce active power consumption by reducing active power losses
  • reduction of electricity losses within the power supply grid
  • on a global scale, protection of the environment

A professionally constructed reactive power compensation installation allows savings on many costs connected with fines for an incorrect power coefficient, overloading or damage to equipment.

Our customers have considerably reduced their electricity bills, you can start saving too!

We provide our clients with the following services:

Analysis of electricity supply invoices

oszczedzanie_uklad_kompensacji_mocy_biernej_lopi.jpgBased on electricity supply invoices furnished by the customer, information on the kind of facility and type of receivers, we carry out a free of charge analysis of the possibilities and purposefulness of installation of a compensation system at the given facility.

We identify the types of equipment which may be installed in order to reduce the charges and we present an initial quotation allowing the customer make a decision on continuation of the project.

This stage is always free of charge.

If you are interested in an initial analysis of the electricity invoices in terms of reactive power charges, please send a scan of the invoices from the most recent period, preferably of invoices from the last 6 months, by clicking the link below:

Analysis of electricity supply invoices – reactive power charges

Electrical measurements

mg_6747-scaled.jpgIn case of positive outcome of analysis regarding purposefulness of compensation system installation, we agree with the customer on a convenient date of a site visit in order to perform electrical measurements.

We have high quality measurement equipment and an experienced team of measurement technicians. Measurement and parameter registration duration is selected on a case by case basis, depending on the character of the facility and load fluctuations.

Based on an analysis of measured parameters, engineers specialising in the given field select the optimum compensation devices.

Measurements and analyses carried out in connection with presenting the quotation are usually free of charge (possible payment may be charged as a deposit for costs of – for example – travelling).

Moreover, we carry out measurements and analyses regarding selection of compensation equipment which may be used by other contractors providing compensation systems.

The prices of such measurements are agreed individually, based on – among others – the distance, number of measurement points, measurement duration and scope of analysis.

Schedule the date of measurements.

Designing and selection of reactive power compensation equipment

mg_6902-scaled.jpgBased on invoices furnished by the customer, performed measurements and site visits, we are ready to prepare both typical solutions, as well as non-standard ones, tailored to the customer’s expectations and demanding environmental conditions.

We always do our best to select the optimum solution without excessive costs on the customer’s part, but taking into account the character and purpose of the given facility.

We will be glad to select and design an appropriate solution for you.

Comprehensive compensation system projects

mg_7105-scaled.jpgWe carry out “turnkey” projects related to reactive power compensation systems.

We select, design, manufacture and construct installations and activate the equipment on site. Once the compensation system installation is finished, we provide the customer with brief instruction regarding operation and use of the device; if needed, we also provide professional maintenance services carried out by our company.

Comprehensive services guarantee high operating efficiency and durability.

Moreover, we deliver our devices to installation companies and distribution network, along with professional advisory regarding selection of the equipment and technical support.

Compensation system upgrades and activation

mg_6729-scaled.jpgThe company deals with upgrading improperly functioning or incorrectly selected compensation systems. An unsatisfactory compensation effect may result – for example – from changes in the load profile or incorrect selection of the device for the given facility.

Basing on our long-term expertise, we perform respective reconstruction of the defective system. Thanks to the modifications introduced by our specialists, the device obtains its required functionality.

Incorrect activation of the battery may have an opposite effect, i.e. instead of expected savings, it may contribute to growing electricity bills.

This risk is eliminated if the battery is activated by our installation teams. We launch both our own equipment and that of other manufacturers.

Contact us to receive answers to your questions: biuro@lopi.pl

Maintenance and repair of reactive power compensation equipment

mg_7080-scaled.jpgRegular maintenance of compensation systems eliminates the risk of failures which may contribute to non-achievement of reduction in charges or even to their growth.

Periodic equipment maintenance extends its durability and eliminates expenditures connected with the necessity to carry out comprehensive repairs or replacement of devices in case of serious damage to their components.

We have a well-stocked spare parts warehouse and a team of professionals which allows us to undertake interventions quickly, efficiently, professionally and reliably.

Check our references.


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