LRM4IO expansion module

We would like to present the accessories, which complement our existing range of products and expand it with new, additional functionalities. At Lopi, we constantly strive to ensure that our reactive power compensation systems work as efficiently as possible. At the same time, we want them to be intuitive to use and economical in operation as well as to extend the service life of all the components of the power system. Therefore, we are expanding our solutions for reactive power compensation with new devices.

LRM4IO expansion module


  • development of inductive and capacitive reactive power compensation systems by increasing their capabilities and functionality
  • data transmission systems of selected areas
  • management through the power guard
  • registration of changes at signalling inputs with the readout option
  • control of the access to rooms and devices
  • signalling of open door
  • smoke detector
  • readout of water, electricity and CO2 consumption
  • option to permanently switch on the relay outputs or via the control impulse
  • control via RS 485, MODBUS protocol
  • device addresses set by a three-position DIP SWITCH adjuster
  • device address range from 100 to 107
Parameter Value
power supply voltage 230 VAC ± 10%, 50 Hz
power consumption max up to 2 VA
ambient temperature -20°C 60°C
relative humidity 50% for +40°C, 90% for 60°C
casing protection class IP20
weight 0,3 kg
dimensions 70x116x44 mm
installation szyna TH35
clamps max 2,5 mm2
outputs 4 relay outputs 5A/250 VAC, 5A/24 VDC
flow control units single / three-phase compensation capacitor or choke
control voltage 24 VDC±10% input
communication with the device RS485 Modbus/RTU
number of inputs 4
voltage 24 V
input current 10 mA
filtration time 100 ms
address 100...103
number of inputs 2
voltage 24 V
input current 10 mA
minimum duration 10 ms
address 104...107
control outputs
number of outputs 4
type change-over contact relays
maximum voltage at the contacts 230 VAC
maximum current 5A /250 VAC, 5A /24 VDC

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