LRMCtrl communication modem

Communication of reactive power compensation devices with the server

The LRMCtrl communication modem enables the transmission of the supply parameters, such as current, voltage and powers, measured by the LRM001 reactive power controller to the server, and enables monitoring if the reactive power compensation system works correctly. Access to measurement data is possible from anywhere via a web browser.
This small device minimises the risk of increased reactive energy charges caused by a bank failure or a change in the load profile as well as greatly facilitates on-site energy management.

Modem komunikacyjny LRMCtrl


  • communication of the LRM001 reactive power controller with the LRMnet portal
  • communication of the LKD dynamic compensator with the LRMnet portal


  • ordered power guard
  • communication with LRM001 controllers and LKD dynamic compensator via RS485, MODBUS protocol
  • data transmission via a GSM modem or an Ethernet socket connected to a router with Internet access.
  • sending alarm SMS max. to 4 numbers, when the set tg (φ) or set capacitive energy are exceeded
  • analysis of tan (φ) and capacitive energy meter in a given period
  • automatic communication with the server
Parameter Value
power supply voltage 230 VAC ± 10%, 50 Hz
power consumption 4 VA
ambient temperature -20°C 60°C
casing protection class IP20
weight 0,4 kg
dimensions 117x70x52 mm
installation szyna TH35
communication with the device RS485 Modbus/RTU
communication with the server Ethernet (RJ-45), GSM
communication and configuration RS232