Automatic hybrid batteries

Compensation of inductive and capacitive reactive power in LV networks

Automatic hybrid batteries are designed for compensation of inductive and capacitive reactive power within low voltage networks, and constitute a combination of condenser batteries and compensation choke batteries.

They are applied at facilities where the character of loading changes due to different types of receivers. This may take place, among others, at offices where operation of the ventilation and air conditioning unit on hot days results in exceeding the tgφ coefficient, whereas during colder months where no inductive loads appear, capacitive reactive power is consumed.

Based on measurements, the LRM001 reactive power controller connects to the network only the steps necessary to ensure the predefined cosφ coefficient; this solution allows minimising active power losses.

Automatic hybrid batteries BHL

  • compensation of inductive and capacitive reactive power in LV networks
  • facilities of variable nature, including offices, where, in hot weather, the operation of the air-conditioning unit causes tgφ coefficient to be exceeded, and in colder months, if there are no inductive loads, the consumption of capacitive reactive energy.
  • minimised active power losses
  • the controller switches on the steps necessary to ensure the given cosφ coefficient
  • reduced active energy consumption, by reducing active power losses
  • minimised charges for inductive and capacitive reactive energy
Parameter Value
any power of compensation chokes from 1 kVar to 100 kVar
any power of condensers from 1 kVar to 400 kVar
number of steps 2-12
rated voltage 400 V
frequency 50 Hz
ambient temperature -25 °C…40 °C
casing metal
colour RAL 7035
protection class IP20 ÷ IP54
ventilation forced
housing dimensions depending on power
width × height × depth [mm]:
adapted to the power
pedestal 100 mm
power factor controller LRM 001 – panel design, board mounted
LRM 002 – installation on the DIN rail
dry condensers in a cylindrical casing - low losses of no more than 0.4W/kVar
- self-regenerating polypropylene film with top parameters
- installed overpressure protection
compensation chokes equipped with reversible thermal protections
indywidualne zabezpieczenia stopni
contactors intended for switching reactors in AC-4 class
  • power factor controller
    • any type of power factor controller
  • thyristor connectors
    • switching on the capacitors with thyristors
    • response time and blocking against repeated switching from 1 s
  • cabinet
    • any size and material
    • bank protection


Standard automatic hybrid batteries with contactors


Automatic hybrid batteries with LH thyristor switches